Export shipping is a critical time for metals and those who manufacture them. Without adequate protection, vulnerable metal components can corrode as they journey through unpredictable environments exposed to fluctuating temperatures, humidity, condensation, and salt spray. While many rust preventative strategies exist, not all are equal. In particular, Cortec’s VpCI®-126 Blue stands out as a trusted packaging solution that has simplified the rust prevention process around the globe for decades.

The Power of VpCI®-126 Blue
Cortec’s VpCI®-126 Blue Film is well-known in the VCI film market for superiority, reliability, and convenience. VpCI®-126 Blue contains Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that vaporize and condense on metal parts packaged inside the bag or film, forming an invisible protective molecular layer that does not need to be cleaned off before the part can be used. VpCI®-126 Blue provides ongoing protection against salt, excessive humidity, condensation, moisture, aggressive industrial atmospheres, and dissimilar metal corrosion. The end result is to help manufacturers eliminate rust claims and the unnecessary costs, wasted time, headaches, and complaints that accompany them.

Testing: VpCI®-126 Blue vs. Plain Plastic and Oil-Based Rust Preventative
While it is possible that some applications or customer preferences may require an integrated solution of multiple rust preventative products, the fact is that, often, just one VpCI®-126 Blue Bag will do the job. For example, ISO 17025 certified Cortec® Laboratories recently performed testing for a customer that wanted to compare their current rust prevention method with VpCI®-126 Film for export shipments to Asia. Three carbon steel clutch parts were coated with an oil-based rust preventative and wrapped in plain plastic film. The other three clutch parts were wrapped in VpCI®– 126 Blue Film. The parts were placed in ASTM D-1735 humidity testing for 168 hours (one week). Upon inspection, two of the three parts protected with the oil-based rust preventative and plain plastic had corrosion on the underside. There was also more water accumulation inside the plain plastic bags. Clutch parts wrapped in VpCI®-126 Blue Film had no corrosion or discoloration on relevant surfaces.

Advantages: One Product vs. Two
These test results are just one example of how VpCI®-126 Blue can provide the necessary corrosion protection with one product instead of two. This streamlines and simplifies the packaging process substantially, eliminating the need to apply a greasy rust preventative. All that is needed is to place the clean metal parts in the bag and close. Best of all, the end user receiving the parts will not have to clean and degrease them upon arrival. This saves
significant time, mess, and hassle for both the manufacturer and the customer. It also builds a positive relationship with the end user who receives the parts clean, dry, and ready to use with no rust on them.

One Material, Many Uses
VpCI®-126 Blue Film is available in roll stock, tubing, heat seal bags, top-seal bags (zipper closure), gusseted bags, and custom sheeting. It can be used to protect multiple metal types and can be applied in countless applications—whether short-term storage or long-term layup, overland shipment or export packaging. Contact Cortec® today to discuss this two-in-one corrosion solution for your packaging needs:

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