Cortec® Corporation is very excited to receive industrial compostability certification of it’s Eco Wrap® stretch film! Cortec® received the ‘OK compost INDUSTRIAL’ certificate from TÜV Austria on November 24th. This certifies that Eco Wrap® conforms to the criteria for industrial compostability under EN 13432 (European equivalent of ASTM D6400). Eco Wrap® is world’s first compostable industrial strength machine grade stretch film launched by the company earlier this year. Considering Cortec’s longtime focus on compostable films and green packaging materials, this is a huge step forward. Eco Wrap® users can benefit from material/waste reduction in many ways. Most applications requiring three wraps of standard film can use two wraps of Eco Wrap® without sacrificing strength or protection. Eco Wrap® is certified industrially compostable by TÜV Austria (#TA8012106218) and meets EN 13432/ASTM D6400 standard for commercial composting.

This green packaging solution may allow its users to avoid tariffs, fines, and tip fees in areas where polyethylene is prohibited or restricted. Eco Wrap® is shelf and curb stable and will retain its integrity until disposed of properly. The latest formula of Eco-Wrap uses a certified compostable resin plus a tackifier additive to make an industrial strength compostable stretch wrap that can be used on most standard automated stretch wrap equipment. This is a breakthrough for the industrial packaging and warehousing industries which rely heavily on automated stretch wrapping to prepare pallets of goods for storage, inventory, or shipment.

Eco Wrap® can be used in numerous applications where conventional stretch film is needed, such as:

  •  Agriculture bundling (e.g., hay bales and lumber)
  • Corralling of goods for storage and shipment
  •  Pallet wrapping
  •  Luggage wrapping at airports
  •  Packaging construction materials
  •  Transporting furniture

Eco Wrap® is extremely elastic and works on most existing automated machines. The film is easily applied by adjusting the tension. By opting for Eco Wrap®, users can improve their environmental image while getting the necessary packaging job done.

Development of Eco Wrap® is huge step toward making commercially compostable packaging more versatile and widely available around the world. This compost certification of Eco Wrap® and is a breakthrough after many years in development, making this compostable machine grade stretch wrap a viable option for use in countless industrial applications. Eco Wrap® is available from Cortec’s European plant, EcoCortec® located in Croatia and North American film production base, Cortec® Advanced Films.

Make the transition to “greener” packaging is easy by contacting EcoCortec® today for more information about Eco Wrap®

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