Cortec® Corporation operates two VCI film extrusion plants—one in Europe and one in North America. For VCI film users in North America, Cortec® Advanced Films (CAF) in Cambridge, Minnesota, is an outstanding supplier thanks to its variety, vertical integration, and “green” initiatives.


For starters, CAF offers a wide variety of films extruded, converted, and printed in-house. These range from CAF’s flagship VpCI® brand Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor Films and Bags for metals packaging, to compostable films for “green” packaging initiatives. CAF has eight monolayer blown film lines ranging from 3” to 360” (76- 9144 mm), with one co-extruded three-layer blown film line, as well as converting and printing lines. This allows CAF to produce VpCI® Film in many different thicknesses, widths, lengths, and formats:

• Roll Stock
• Sheeting
• Tubing
• Heat Seal Bags
• Top-Seal Bags (zipper closure)
• Gusseted Bags

In addition to standard VpCI® Film, CAF can also produce stretch film, shrink film, and ESD film. In-house printing gives customers the option of adding their own names and logos to bags for instant brand identification.

Vertical Integration

Supporting CAF’s wide range of options is Cortec’s underlying philosophy of vertical integration. By overseeing operations from VpCI® masterbatch compounding all the way to extrusion, converting, and printing; CAF retains better quality control. Vertical integration also makes CAF less dependent on outside sources to minimize delays in a day of supply chain issues and long lead times. Once CAF has the raw materials, production can more or less continue from start to finish. CAF’s efficient shipping system and network of stocked suppliers across North America also help minimize supply chain issues, allowing CAF to offer significantly faster turnaround than VCI film suppliers who contract their production out to other facilities.

‘Green’ Initiatives

A final plus is CAF’s emphasis on environmental responsibility. In addition to being a pioneer in “green” film technologies such as commercially compostable Eco Film® bags* (used for Cortec® headquarters’ in-house organics recycling program), CAF has two key “green” initiatives. One is a plastic film recycling program, by which approved customers can send their VpCI® Film and Bags to CAF for customer credit. CAF is able to incorporate clean recycled VpCI® film into the masterbatch at up to 20% while ensuring the quality of the new product. The second initiative is “Operation Clean Sweep,” which CAF launched in 2020 as part of a voluntary program to reduce plastics pollution by working toward zero loss of plastic pellets, flakes, and powder to the environment.

Make CAF Your VCI Film Partner

CAF is a longtime leader in top-quality VpCI® Film production backed by an environmentally conscious mindset. So, whether you appreciate CAF’s quality, versatility, timely delivery, environmental responsibility, or all of the above; CAF is a great partner to choose in the VCI films acquisition process. Contact us today to discuss your film needs and options:

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*Commercially compostable only. Facilities may not exist in your area.

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