We are excited to be heading back to the annual EOS/ESD Symposium in October! This year marks the 45th annual convention of the ESD Association and the second year of Cortec® attendance. After a great experience in 2022, we are looking forward to sending reps from our sales and technical team to share more exciting developments in Cortec® ESD/VpCI® technology with ESD managers and others who rely on static dissipative materials to protect sensitive electronics.

ESD packaging

Only a small percentage of the electronics industry is yet aware of the opportunity to combine corrosion protection with ESD packaging, as has been done with EcoSonic® VpCI®-125 HP Static Dissipative Films and Bags. The overwhelmingly positive response confirms that this is an important need. We are eager to break further ground in this market by introducing a new static dissipative corrosion inhibiting packaging technology with special sustainability features. In addition, we plan to attend an ESD Association work group, where we will be able to make important contributions from our firsthand knowledge of ESD/ VpCI® packaging technology while also learning from others.

Please join us this fall in California as we bring important discoveries to ESD managers and packaging experts in the electronics industry. Register today and let us know you’re coming so we can connect!

EOS/ESD Symposium & Exhibits
October 1st–6th, 2023
Riverside Convention Center
Riverside, CA
Booth #403

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