Cortec® EcoSol® is a heat sealable PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) film that can be made into water soluble pouches or bags for a variety of products and purposes. When placed in water at room temperature, it dissolves within minutes, releasing the EcoSol® pouch contents into the target environment for mixing or cleaning. It can be a great packaging option for the construction, agricultural, chemical, and cosmetics industries—even hospitals—for several reasons.

Precise Dosing
EcoSol® makes precise dosing easy. There is no guesswork needed when trying to measure the exact amount of water treatment chemicals, septic tank probiotics, or laundry detergent needed. When products are packaged in EcoSol® pouches, dosing is precisely what the manufacturer wants it to be.

Product Containment
Another great benefit of EcoSol
® packaging is that the product stays contained until the last possible moment. For example, when a concrete admixture or an agricultural treatment is being applied outdoors, the wind can come along and carry away some of the product that is being dumped out of the bag. Packaged in EcoSol®, the product is not released until it encounters water. In addition to protecting against product loss, this means that the manufacturer can create products that will lie dormant (e.g., in a tank) until the area is filled with water.

Contactless Application!
Perhaps the greatest benefit of EcoSol® packaging is that it eliminates direct contact with the product inside. Many chemicals that are added to water, concrete, or other applications are not safe to touch, but packaged in EcoSol®, they can be applied by hand without direct exposure to the contents of the pouch. This also makes it a great option for hospital applications. Workers can place soiled linens or contaminated instruments into bags made out of EcoSol®, then put the bags into their respective washers without touching the contents again until they have been cleaned. Potential uses for this type of contactless application are countless:
• Concrete additives
• Water treatments
• Dyes
• Probiotic treatments
• Detergents that do not contain water
• Hospital laundry bags
• And much more!

If you are looking for a new packaging solution for products or laundry, consider adopting EcoSol® to make application easy with precise dosing, product containment, and contactless application! Contact Cortec® to discuss your dissolvable packaging needs directly with a water-soluble film manufacturer:

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