Moving Toward Sustainable Products and Practices

Cortec ® is on a mission to provide effective packaging solutions while staying on the leading edge of sustainable film technologies and practices in the VCI film industry. Our compostable films and in-house VpCI ® film recycling program are two examples.

Our Unique Lineup of Compostable Films

Cortec ® has been a pioneer in the formulation and compounding of biobased and/or compostable resins, with over fourteen years of experience working with these materials. Eco Film ® and Eco Works ® are two commercially compostable alternatives to traditional polyethylene films and bags for anyone concerned about reducing plastics pollution. Both product lines were designed with their entire life cycle in mind.

Eco Film ® and Eco Works ® can be combined with VpCI ® Technology ( Eco-Corr Film ® ), ESD protection, and even adhesives, offering a unique and extensive packaging lineup for environmentally responsible users around the world. Eco Film ® and Eco Works ® are available in all sizes and forms. We also offer a range of standard grades for our Eco Works ® compounded resins and will gladly make custom blends.

A Leader in Recyclability and Resource Stewardship

Cortec ® Corporation manufactures recyclable VpCI ® films that are used across the globe to protect metal parts and equipment from corrosion during storage and shipping. Our VpCI ® film has already had a large impact on making corrosion protection more environmentally friendly by reducing the need for traditional hazardous and cumbersome rust preventatives. Our film is fully recyclable, which allows us to incorporate recycled VpCI ® film back into the manufacture of new films, while still achieving high quality VpCI ® performance.

We reprocess VpCI ® film scrap and incorporate the “repro” back into the virgin film at up to 20 percent, a level at which we can ensure quality of the new product. We have expanded our film reprocessing program to create a win-win-win situation for customers, Cortec ®, and the environment. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for disposal, customers can now send used VpCI ® bags and films to us.* We pay shipping and give customer credit in exchange for the benefit of having an additional source of repro. Both we and the customer demonstrate our environmental responsibility and reduce our carbon footprint in the process. The program will save tens of thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of pounds of plastic annually. Learn more about our VpCI ® Plastic Recycling Service!

*Cortec ® field representatives will conduct an audit of potential recycling partners to determine viability of the reprocessing program.

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