Stretch film is great for packaging and unitizing loads in almost any industry. However, it can […]
May 18, 2022 Storage space can be hard to come by in warehouses or manufacturing facilities. […]
A recent market study points to a growing interest in PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) films, partially driven by increasing […]
Cortec® Corporation operates two VCI film extrusion plants—one in Europe and one in North America. For VCI […]
Years ago, Cortec® Advanced Films (CAF) discovered how to minimize plastic waste by adding up to 20% […]
Computer graphics card in hand. Installation of components in the computer. Open system case
With the increasing popularity of the multibillion-dollar gaming industry and recent growth in the PC market, […]
Can shrink wrap be all that exciting? We invite you to explore that possibility with EcoShrink™, […]