A manufacturer of wind turbine shafts, rings, and hubs had experienced corrosion problems in the past. They wanted a system of corrosion protection for two-to-five years of indoor or outdoor storage on components shipped around the world. The following process was chosen.

  1. Thoroughly clean components with VpCI®-415 (diluted in water) and dry.
  2. Coat the most-sensitive metal surfaces with VpCI®-368 D removable coating.
  3. Wrap and heat shrink each element in either VpCI®-126 HP UV Shrink Film or MilCorr® VpCI® Shrink Film, depending on length of protection needed.
  4. Ship the components out with VpCI®-414 to remove the temporary coating when needed. The customer tested and adopted the system to avoid corrosion problems on their new wind turbine projects, commenting that the materials are very easy to apply.

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