November 11, 2021

January 2008 was a historic moment in the development of environmentally responsible packaging solutions. At that time, Cortec’s commercially compostable stretch film formulation, Eco Wrap®, was used in its first international shipment. The commercially compostable stretch film (meets ASTM D6400 standard for commercial composting*) replaced thicker non-degradable film alternatives to package
pallets going overseas from Minnesota to Croatia. It was applied using traditional stretch film equipment. Eco Wrap
® served to protect against dust, moisture, tampering, and physical shifting or damage. The shipments were in good condition when they arrived in Croatia. After use, the Eco Wrap® was sent to a commercial composting facility instead of a landfill or incinerator for disposal.

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* This product is intended to be composted in a commercial composting facility operated in accordance with best management practices. Check locally to see if such a facility exists in your community and if they will accept this product. Not suitable for backyard composting.

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