Our Mission is to Serve Our Customers Better All the Time!

Our main job is to make premium VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) films and bags under the VpCI ® brand name—a distinguishing mark of quality in the VCI packaging world. VpCI ® films and bags are used in countless industries and applications around the globe, giving users an easy and effective way to protect metal parts and equipment from rust and corrosion. This is critical for manufacturers who want their newly made metal goods to be protected in-process and stored or shipped in safety without fear of corrosion. It is also vital for facilities that need to keep critical spares and large or small assets corrosion-free during periods of layup or mothballing.

We Want to Make Corrosion Protection Easy for You

The many different shapes and sizes of VpCI ® films make it possible to protect metal from corrosion on a small scale (e.g., tiny nuts and bolts) or on a large scale (e.g., huge oil and gas equipment that must stay in good shape as it waits to be installed at a new plant). VpCI ® film and bags are easy to use because they leave behind a protective VCI layer that does not need to be cleaned off before the metal part or equipment can be used. The VCI molecules simply leave the surface when the package is opened. The metal can be put into use without additional cleaning, and the VpCI ® film or bags can be recycled. (Learn more about how VCI technology works in packaging applications here.)

Our Products Come in Many Shapes and Sizes

VpCI ® films and bags are made onsite at CAF using our own high quality masterbatch extruded into VpCI ® film on one of our nine blown-film extruders. It then goes to our converting department to be turned into a wide variety of sizes and styles to best fit the need of the end user. You can choose from:

·      Roll Stock

·      Sheeting

·      Tubing

·      Heat Seal Bags

·      Top-Seal Bags (zipper closure)

·      Gusseted Bags

·      Shrink Film

·      Stretch Film

·      Bubble Wrap

·      Compostable Film

We can make VpCI ® film as narrow as 3” (76 mm) or as wide as 30’ (9 m), depending on how big you need it. Visit our product page now to see what might be best for you!